26 November — 23 January, 2010

Reiner Maria MATYSIK









The Berlin artist Reiner Maria Matysik works with concepts for future organisms. In the course of the last years he has created his own new system of post-evolutionary life forms on the borderline between art and biology.

Over a hundred of organisms have been created by the artist as models from plasticine, PVC, epoxy resin, rubber and silicone and categorised by size, weight, gender, extremities, orientation, mode of life, location, etc.

The visual implementation of objects, their conceptualization and textual interpretation can be recognised here as the essential artistic strategies which Matysik uses as his own interface between the worlds of bio-technological research and pseudoscientific fiction. 

A special concept of evolution of the living matter will be exhibited in Moscow. Important organisms that are nonviable are appearing during the post-evolutionary periods, the author thinks.

Through the video, photographs and biological sculptures these future organisms create an area of conflict between promise and potential (due to many circumstances) failure.


Matysik develops and at the same time classifies organisms from the position of a scientist, continuing the tradition of a great scholar from the mid 18th century Carl Linnaeus. The destiny of inokuli (the eyeless ones), impigre sudans (tireless perspirer), caecus occultus (hidden blind one), clotho exentrica (eccentric spinstress) would not leave us indifferent.The second interactive part of the project is the audience poll on the subject of «the reconstruction of a lost link between humans and primates». This provocative concept brings out the problem of the alienation of a modern man from nature..



During the exhibition FAILED ORGANISMS in Moscow Reiner Maria MATYSIK hold the audience poll on the subject of THE  RECONSTRUCTION OF A LOST LINK BETWEEN HUMAN AND PRIMATES. 

As you know such voting process took place in Berlin, Germany:
 - the exhibition Becoming Animal, Becoming Human at The New Society for Fine Arts (NGBK) where 73% of the respondents said that they agree with the concept of reconstruction lost link between humans and primates
 - the Fellows Meeting 2009 of the Ernst Schering Foundation: only for 2 % of participants say "yes".


/ 27.02.2010

We are glad to present you voting results for the project which took place in Moscow during the exhibition FAILED ORGANISMS by Reiner Maria MATYSIK:

32 % respondents is agree with the subject of «the reconstruction of a lost link between humans and primates» and
68% visitors have voted against  «the reconstruction of a lost link between humans and primates»

Thanks to everyone who took part in this votation!



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