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Late XV century, Spain.
Once at a cardinal's dinner, Christopher Columbus is telling about his discovery of the New World.

One of the guests objects to him: «But there's nothing difficult in this!»

Answering to this challenge, Columbus suggests to solve an "easy" puzzle - to put an egg vertically.

Of course, nobody is able to make it stand on its round tip.

«But this is so easy!» - says Columbus, flattening one tip and putting it on the table.

Since then, the phrase ‘Egg of Columbus’ refers to a simple and unexpected solution of a difficult task.

1893, World's fair, USA
Nikola Tesla made the old phrase play. He put an egg vertically without breaking it.

When electromagnetic inductor was being turned on, a copper egg was starting to rotate

and gradually standing up vertically. Officially named ‘rotating magnetic field inductor’,

the invention was called by its author ‘Egg of Columbus’.



The exhibition is dedicated to the scientist Nikola Tesla (1856-1943): inventor who was capable of putting machines together in his imagination, a mystic, according to his words catching ideas from ‘information field of Earth’. It is remarkable how far Tesla went during his researches: from household usage of electricity to the invention of alternating current generators and experiments with wireless energy transmission.

At the exhibition you will not only be able to observe the objects, but also try them out and learn their history from experts who will take part in a discussion program.

At the exhibition in LABORATORIA:

•    INTERACTIVE OBJECTS FROM THE COLLECTION OF THE POLYTECHNICAL MUSEUM represent milestones in the development of electricity knowledge. Thanks to experiment of Faraday, scientists have discovered existence of magnetic field, Arago phenomenon proved influence of magnetic field on electric current, Tesla’s model ‘Egg of Columbus’ demonstrated existence of rotating magnetic field and opportunities of its exploitation. Nowadays the principle shown in Tesla’s inductor is used in all electric motors and generators - the whole planet is supplied with electricity on the basis of Tesla patents.

•    How close have you ever sensed the thunder and the lightning? What is it like to get into an epicenter of electrical discharge? During the excursion you can see one of the most known Tesla inventions – TESLA COIL or MANUAL LIGHTNING. The magnificent spectacle of the lightning generated by this device is nothing else but a discharge of high-voltage currents. Experimenting with the transformer, Tesla went further to the idea of wireless data and energy transmission. You can experience it, holding in your hands a light bulb which is not powered by electricity but which is self-luminescent.


    The media artist and scientist Alexey Blinov reconstructs Tesla’s experiments and inventions. Specially for the exhibition he will demonstrate IMPEDANCE PHENOMENA, give a workshop and read the famous Tesla’s speech «On light and other high-frequency phenomena».


•    PHOTOS, PATENTS, DRAWINGS AND EDUCATIONAL FILM on scientists’ life from Nikola Tesla Museum collection (Belgrade, Serbia).

•    VIDEO-INTERVIEWS WITH FAMOUS SCIENTISTS talking about inventions for the present and for the future.

•   At the exhibition you will not only be able to observe the objects, but also try them out and learn their history from experts who will take part in a DISCUSSION PROGRAM OF THE PROJECT. (

* Each exhibit is accompanied by the audio description which is transferred over a NEUROPHONE – a device capable of transmitting sound through contact with skin.




Please notice that due to technical features of interactive installations, the exhibition (tour and installations test) will be held on schedule:

Tue, Wed, Fri at 19.00, Thu at 20.00, Sat at 17.00, Sun, Mon - days off

Free admission




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Nikola Tesla Museum (Belgrade, Serbia)


Innovative center MPTI (Moscow Physical Technical Institute)


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