16 September — 18 September, 2016


Fri: 19 00 - 21 00
Sat-Sun: 10 00 – 21 00
MUZEON Park of Arts

Daria Parkhomenko

SDV Foundation in collaboration with Laboratoria Art&Science Space and Igor Butman Foundation for Supporting Musical Arts bring you the Transcendent Pianos Festival to create a new space for dialogue between music, contemporary art and new technology.

Transcendence means to break out of the limits: of one's dedicated space, of pre-assigned functions, of disciplinary borders and even of oneself. Pianos step out of the concert halls and into the Muzeon park. They haven't simply changed location, though: transcending the common image of this most popular classical instrument, the pianos acquire a new dimension.

Four interdisciplinary projects on the verge of contemporary art, music and technology were created specially for the Festival; they aim to expand the sensory experience of the visitors and enhance their connection with the city space. All artworks are interactive and invite audience participation.

A piano seems to be the most classical of all the classical musical instruments. Maybe this is why it has long been sparking destructive tendencies in the artists: smash it, burn it, nail the keys down, rip out the strings (John Cage's works for prepared pianos, Boyce's and Dada experiments, Chiharu Shiota's burned pianos). Modern technologies allow the artists to interact with the "body" and the sound of a piano and to reinvent its cultural status without destroying it. It is no longer an object of frustration but an intensely relatable thing, almost a living being.

Human brain has a complex relationship with music. Brain activity corresponding to listening, performing, and creating music has long been a point of interest for neuroscience. We are in the particular stage in the universal time continuum when traditional disciplinary borders between science, art, technology, philosophy wear thin; transgressive science/art practices encourage the creation of new instruments of knowledge.

This year the theme of the Festival is hybridisation: getting-together of heterogeneous materials, spheres and technologies. Hybrids combine the features of the animate and the inanimate, the natural and the artificial, practices and objects, human and non-human. Famous contemporary artists and musicians - Peter Aidu, Olga Kroytor, Electroboutique - have prepared the pianos for the Festival, turning them into hybrid objects. Some pianos retain their recognisable keyboards and some offer radically new ways of interaction, they grow roots and bloom, they turn into something different, their music is now made of the sounds of the big city. And the experient-performance by Alexander Kaplan combines the practices of science and art directly. A hybrid pianist - a human brain with a technological visualisation device attached to it - performs the music of the brain.




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