Daria Parkhomenko

Mikhail Burtsev (Russia), PhD, head of Neural Networks and Deep Learning Lab at MPIT, head of iPavlov project

Valeriy Karpov (Russia), PhD, head of Robotics Lab at Kurchatov Institute



Thomas Feuerstein (Austria)

Where Dogs Run (Russia)

Memo Akten (UK/Turkey)

Dmitry Kawarga (Russia)

::vtol:: (Dmitry Morozov) (Russia)



The Moscow Museum of Modern Art
Moscow, Petrovka st. 25
The exhibition is dedicated to a new demonology – artistic research of cutting-edge technologies and the myths they engender.

After ceasing to deify and mystify the outside world, modern man is finding demons in new frontier areas. We are discovering that technologies are not simply tools that enable us to look at the world – new, strange and unknown entities look at us from the innermost recesses.

Mythology is materialising in the metaphors used to describe daily interaction with gadgets: routine digital processes in operating systems are called “daemons”, and this is no random choice of word: it discloses our actual attitude to technologies coloured by traits of animism and fetishism.

These myths and even fears have nothing in common with technophobia; on the contrary, the new demonology is of interest to artists who have already been working with technologies on a regular basis for decades as an artistic language. The artists participating in the exhibition evaluate critically the social consequences of the realities that engulf us: self-learning systems, autonomation, the Internet of things, blockchain technologies and the prescience of artificial intelligence.

The exhibition will showcase five major projects created by artists from Russia, Austria and Great Britain jointly with Russian scientists.

The exhibition also includes the Art & Science Incubator (a division of Laboratoria Art & Science) with representatives of research laboratories (iPavlov Project (Phystech), Kaspersky Lab), and artistic studios (::vtol::), serving as the framework for the organisation of inter-disciplinary discussions, where spectators will have an opportunity to participate actively in the process.

As part of the exhibition DAEMONS IN THE MACHINE two artistic conferences will be held (in March and October 2018), with the goal of triggering an in-depth discussion of the problems and prospects of creating technological art.  The most recent achievements of the Art & Science Incubator (division of Laboratoria Art & Science) offer an inspirational boost to the conferences. The latest trends in machine-learning technologies, and also a critical evaluation of the possible application of artificial intelligence in contemporary art, will be presented at the conference.

The inter-disciplinary nature of the discussions between representatives of the artistic and scientific communities, including the participation of the project’s scientific consultants and the engaged international specialists, will contribute to the development of dialogue between the representatives of different areas and the popularisation of technological art, attracting a broader audience.



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