09.09.2009, 9 pm

LABORATORIA Art&Science Space, 3 Obukha per.




Roy Van DALM, one of the Netherland’s brightestspecialists on creative economy, tightly associated with RichardFlorida’s Creative Class Group, journalist and writer on the creative economy, the main author of the series of European creative citiesprofiles for the weekend supplement of Het Financieele Dagblad, calledSlimme Steden (Smart Cities) which was a huge success and was turnedinto a book named ‘first European guide to creative cities’ by critics, senior lecturer Smart Cities at HANUniversity of Applied Science in Arnhem, The Netherlands and initiatorand organizer of the Creative Masterclasses for Holland’s best selectedstudents in innovative forms of education, a long-time contributor to the Lisbon Council, Europeanthink-tank on innovation, in Brussels. He is also associated with theBritish Council programme of Creative Cities (Netherlands).




Why have some cities become successful, energetic centres ofcreativity?

Why have some cities not become passive victims ofunavoidable changes but made their way to economical and socialdevelopment?

And the most important question is “How can we change theway we think to make our city a place we really want to live and playin?”



Similarly to how Richard Florida defined a Triple T that standsbehind the city prosperity: “The cities that prosper economically in myindex have a mix of Talent, Technology and Tolerance. These three T’sdefine the winners in the Creative Age”, Roy will speak of three A’sthat define the new creative city, a home to remarkable examples ofinnovation and regeneration.



The lecture would be given in English without translation.
The lecture has been organised with BRITISH COUNCIL and THEORIES AND PRACTICES.



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