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23.09.2009, 8 pm

LABORATORIA Art&Science Space, 3 Obukha per.





Dmitry BULATOV, artist, performer, curator of the National Center for Contemporary Arts, the Kaliningrad branch
(Kaliningrad, Russia)



The lecture took place as a part of exhibition Evolution haute couture. Art&Science in the post-bilogical age in framework of 3rd Moscow Bienalle of Contemporary Art.  The story of the new techno-biological medium ofthe artistic message and of the sci-art.


A new concept is emerging in the continuum of life, that of the Semi-Living. A new class of object/being constructed of living and non-living materials, A Semi-Living entity is a new autonomous entity located in the fuzzy border between the living/non-living, grown/constructed, born/manufactured, and object/subject. While the Semi-Living relay on the vet/mechanic, the
farmer/artist or the nurturer/constructor to care for them, they are not human imitations and do not attempt to be human replacements.




Science may be the last remaining taboo
in contemporary art…



The National Center for Contemporary Arts (Kaliningrad Branch, Russia) together with LABORATORIA Art&Science Space (Moscow)present a collection of documentary films about artworks recentlycreated using the latest twenty-first century technologies: artificiallife, robotics, bio and genetic engineering. The medium in theseartworks is living or lifelike matter, and the properties of livingorganisms and technologically reproduced artefacts are combined toproduce the method. Art created under these new conditions ofpostbiology – that is, under conditions of artificially generated life– cannot avoid making this artificiality its explicit theme. We arethus again confronted with the question of the relationship between artand life in a completely new context defined by biological andabiological creations, works, and beings. This collection is the firstcomprehensive overview of the current stage of contemporarytechno-biological art. It provides a panorama of artistic strategiesfor granting and withdrawing the gift of authenticity. The analysis ofthese strategies opens up new possibilities for creative production andcultural commentary. In 2009 the Evolution Haute Couture project won the National Innovation Prize (Russia), awarded annually for achievements in contemporary visual arts.





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