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Constructing the antenna – using the reactance for transmission and reception of electromagnetic radiation


4.12.2010, 5 pm

LABORATORIA Art&Science Space, 3 Obukha per.



Alexey BLINOV - media artist, researcher in natural science

Acoustic musical instruments have certain form and size which determine its unique timbre. This is explained by the fact that the form of the instrument and the element which produces sound (a string or whistle) are in certain correlation. The form of the instrument allows to single out and emphasize the desired sound range. The electromagnetic waves work in precisely the same manner as the sound waves: the form and size of conductor determine which waves will be and intensified and distributed and which will diminish and disappear.

During his experiments with alternate current Tesla has noticed that the form of conductor influences the alternate current which it transmits. It was discovered that the electrical resistance of a conductor depends on the relation between the form of conductor and frequency of current. This phenomenon was called “impedance”.

Being aware of the impedance principle allows to construct the radio transmitting and radio receiving devices in the most effective way. Connecting the receiving and transmitting antennas of receivers, radars, TVs and mobile phones with the corresponding devices, we always use the laws which connect the current frequency and the form of conductor (the phenomenon of impedance). Otherwise, all these devices wouldn’t work, just as bad violin wouldn’t sound.

As a result of this workshop, you will be able to assemble an effective antenna for your wireless internet and put into practice the phenomenon of impedance for its adjustment.


All the necessary materials and instruments will be provided to the workshop participants.


If you want to take part in the workshop, please fill in the following application form and we will contact you shortly -





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