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04.02.2011, 7 pm

Polytechnical Museum, 3/4 Novaya pl., 9th entrance, lectorium



Vladimir JELENKOVIC - director of Nicola Tesla Museum, Belgrade, Serbia



Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) is Serbian-American scientist, inventor, and electro and mechanical engineer who provided mankind with a large number of significant discoveries and inventions. Tesla was so far ahead of his time that many of his ideas are only appearing today.


His legacy can be seen in everything from the invention ofthe induction motor, polyphase alternate currents, long-distance electricalp ower production and distribution, coreless transformer – known today as Tesla’s transformer or Tesla coil, generators, high frequency oscillators, speed meters, bladeless turbines and pumps, and many other inventions in the field of electro technology, machine engineering and high-frequency electricity that led to the creation of neon and fluorescent lighting, basics of radio technology, remote control, wireless communication, lasers, the facsimile machine and hundreds of other devices that are now an essential part of our everyday lives.


His inventions through the ingenuity of their solutions, universality of application, and breakthroughs in many fields of technology and science, have changed the world around us.


The lecture is also devoted to the Nikola Tesla Museum, located in Belgrade, capitol of Serbia, asa unique scientific and cultural institution in the world, dedicated entirely to the ingenious inventor, scientist and engineer Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) – the Man Out of Time who lit the world. As the institution which preserves the most abundant in the world collection of documents on life and work of Nikola Tesla, the Museum plays a significant role in providing valuable information tothe researchers in many different scientific fields, affirming and promoting Tesla’s work, and providing new evidence of his universal significance.


Tesla’s legacy, transferred in 1951 from New York to Belgrade, represents a unique entity, consisting of archive materials, museum exhibits, and library materials. Certainly the most significant segment of this legacy are the archive materials, as a historical record about the life and work of the ingenious inventor, but also as a unique source for research, recording the history of societal technological development at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century in Europe and the US.


In 2003, as a confirmation of the universal value of Tesla’s work, UNESCO included Nikola Tesla Archives in its Memory of the World Register as a segment of the movable heritage of the whole mankind, with the highest form of protection applicableto cultural materials.


Many projects of the Museum realized over the last three years in the field of publishing and exhibitionare the valuable results of the implementation of information technologies at the Nikola Tesla Museum. It is also increasingly becoming a unique spot to exchange results of new research studies in the fields of electro technology, radio, machine engineering, the history of science, invention, and patent documentation, affirming and promoting Tesla’swork, and providing new evidence of his universal significance.







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