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In framework of the interdisciplinary program BETWEEN HEAVEN AND EARTH





04.08.2009, 9 pm
LAB GARDEN, 3 Obukha per.



Igor VOLKOV, para glider, test-pilot, director of VEKTOR paragliding school 



The lecture will tell about clouds from within, how beautiful and scaring a storm cloud might be and which laws of physics and micrometeorology it is necessary to know to fly inside clouds.
Who can plunge into down of clouds using only force of air currents and to rise on thousand metres? Only birds and paraglider pilots...



This summer you can enjoy the sophisticated and unique CLOUD HARP installation by Nicolas Reeves (Canada). The instrument is the result of a research in electronics, acoustics, and programming. It is a physical sculpture containing a technological system that, by means of an infrared laser beam 8 kilometers high, reads the structure of clouds and then transforms this reading into musical sequences. Musical sequences by CLOUD HARP gives a new sensation of sky, now it can be experienced and understood not only visually but also aurally.

For fresh «cloudists» LABORATORIA together with scientists, whose professional experience is connected with sky and clouds – astronomers, meteorologists, and artists and paragliders have created a special exposition the CLOUD ATLAS. Instructions by Cloud Commission.Members of Cloud Commission and special guests will tell us about sky secrets and discoveries.

Media partner – "Theory and practice of Moscow".






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