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18.05.2008, 2 pm

Central House of Artist, 10, Krymskiy val

in frames of ART MOSCOW the 12th International Art Fair




LABORATORIA Art&Science Space



Viktor MISIANO, art critic, editor-in-chief of Khudozhestvenny Zhournal  magazine


Daria PARKHOMENKO, curator, director of LABORATORIA Art&Science Space 
Yuri AVVAKUMOV, artist
Yuri ALBERT, artist
Dr. Alexander GASPARISHVILI, PhD in Philosophy, director of research laboratory of public opinion of Moscow State University
Mikhail DONSKOY, programmer, director of DISCO inc.
Sergei IVANOV, director of Moscow branch of Interactive Corporation
Yuri KARPOV, Russian Academy of Sciences
Dr. Viktor MALTSEV, PhD in Technical Sciences, Russian Research Centre Kurchatov Institute
Andrey KHANIN, Russian Research Centre Kurchatov Institute, Innovations Department
Georgy NIKICH, curator of International Moscow Forum INSTRUMENTA
Аrseny ZHILYAEV, artist 
Haim SOKOL, artist
Gor CHAKHAL, artist
Stas SHURIPA, artist




The round-table talk on interaction issues between contemporary art and contemporary science took place in anticipation of the launch of LABORATORIA Art&Science Space – a new Art&Science project. Daria Parkhomenko, the project director organized this meeting of artists, scientists and cultural researchers in frames of Internatuonal Art Fair ART MOSCOW 2008. The moderator of the talk was Viktor Misiano, art critic and editor-in-chief of Khudozhestvenny Zhournal magazine.

The goal of the discussion was to bridge the professional conceptions and ideas of artists and scientists, to analyze the neseccity of co-operation in the context of contemporary art and contemporary science. Both sides tried to avoid purely theoretical issues and made attempts to transfer the dialog into the practical platform.

The lunguistic conventionality happens to prevent from the direct and useful communication, but that was not the case of this talk. The discussion began with the determining the extent to which such kind of talks might be fruitfull. Viktor Misiano supposed that the interaction between art and science is peculiar to the definite climax points in human history when the civilisation and and its innovative activity culminate. This is exactly the moment when the possibility and nessecity of such a dialogue is the most evident. He questioned if there are any proves to that suggestion. 

Mikhail Donskoy, the programmer and DISCO company director shared the opinion that we would soon face a new informational and technological explosion. He said that in a couple of years both scientists and artists would experience the need for more broad co-operation.






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