28.09.2009 / The Moscow News

Evolution Haute Couture

This exhibition, subtitled "Arts and Sciences in an Era ofPost-Biology", consists of 40 video works devoted to art created with the help of cutting edge technologies of the 21st century, such asALife, robotics, bio engineering and gene engineering. Curated by Dmitry Bulatov, the exhibition features works by many prominent international artists, including Carlos Corpa & Ana García-Serrano,the Critical Art Ensemble group, Erwin Driessens & Maria Verstappen, Julie Freeman and George Gessert. According to the exhibition's curator, living or life like matter serves as an art medium for the works on display, and the combination of properties of a living organism and of a technologically reproduced artefact form the artistic method. One of the main questions, which the exhibition is supposed to address, is that of relationship between art and life, put in a completely new context defined by biological and "abiological" nature's production.


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Автор: Vladimir Kozlov

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